Press Clipping
There is still room for wonder

Far from that same song that, with few variations, they repeat endlessly almost all the stations, Mundofonías continues throwing music that shows that there is still room for wonder, wonder , surprise. From the deep root, the inventive or the wise combination, we discover wonderful music that transports us to the East , the heart of Africa or the world of dreams .

Far from that song, always the same song with little variations, that almost all the stations broadcast all the time, Mundofonías keeps on offering tunes that show that there is still place for wonder, for amazementfor surprise From the very roots, the inventiveness or the wise blending, we discover musics that make us travel to the Orient , the heart of Africa or to the world of the dreams .

Khalid Kouhen & Marylène Ingremeau - Oïbir - Sillage
Khalid Kouhen & Marylène Ingremeau - Batum - Sillage
Saeid Shanbehzadeh - Djane showki - Pour-Afrigha
Saffron Ensemble - Do not - Will You?
Jaipur Kawa Brass Band - Thumri Baaja - The Rough Guide to acoustic India [VA]
Nuru Kane - Afrika - The Rough Guide to the music of West Africa [VA]
Teonesse Majambere - Umuyange (Protect the environment) - Abatwa (The Pygmy): Why did we stop growing tall? [GOES]
Širom - Čolni, čakam, čúvaj! (Boats, biding, beware!) - Lahko without glinena mesojedka / I can be a clay snapper